KEBA P30 KeContact b-series

The charging station with optional user authorisation

  • Power up to 22 kW

    KeContact P30 b-series supports single 3-phase charging. With up to max. 32A (this corresponds to 22 kW).

  • Works on or offline

    The b-series runs on or offline and is ideal for homes where an online connection is required.

  • Secure user authorisation

    KeContact P30 b-series provides identification and authorisation either using RFID or key locks.

In addition to the features of the "e-series", the b-series supports 3 phase charging. It has identification and authorisation via RFID or key locks. This ensures that only authorised people can use the charging station. The b-series comes in 11kW and 22kW charging options. It is available with either a 4M or 6M tethered cable, or no cable.

Keba KeContact b series chargepoint charging Tesla

Keeping you safe

For safety, it is important to always charge an electric car using a reliable and dedicated EV chargepoint. Not at a standard household power outlet.

The integrated multirating device (current, voltage and energy) increases the power availability of the charging station. It also improves safety. The separated connection area ensures it is extra safe during commissioning and running .

b-series features

  • User authorisation

    Secure with RFID and key lock options

  • Single or 3 phase charging

    Options of 11kW and 22kW

  • With or without cable

    4M or 6M fixed cable can be added as an option

  • Software can be updated

    Via a USB or ethernet connection

Keba KeContact b-series with RFID

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Keba KeContact b-series with RFID