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EV Charging

Smart and secure chargepoints that are easy to use


EV charging at home is an important part of owning an electric vehicle. It is estimated at least 80% of charging your car will be done at home. It is important to have a fast, reliable, and secure chargepoint today and for the future.

Our home charging stations are manufactured by KEBA. They have supplied over 100,000 chargepoints worldwide. The chargepoint is designed for smart charging. It works with smart home systems, and can link to home solar generation systems.

  • Why choose our EV home charging stations?

    We know how important it is that your electric vehicle is charged as fast as possible. Our wallbox has been tested with all available electric vehicles and different loads. It charges quickly, easily and reliably. Whatever your electric vehicle type, it will charge as fast as possible. It will always achieve the greatest range.

    KEBA-KeContact b series  charging Ioniq
  • Quick reliable charging for your electric vehicle

    A single chargepoint in different models and variants. From basic to smart, we cover all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Our EV home chargers are approved by OLEV and eligible for a grant of upto £500 from the UK government Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme

    Keba KeContact x-series and c series chargepoints  in a car parking garage

Home & Away

Running out of charge is a real concern for electric vehicle drivers. Having to use expensive and time consuming EV charging stations is also not ideal. For people who are on the move we supply NRGkick mobile charging equipment. This helps you get connected and charge anywhere.

Our mobile EV charger can be used at both as your home chargepoint. As well as allowing you to plug in when visiting friends and family. Even whilst away on holiday as there is no need for a wallbox. Our adaptor kit also allows you to charge your EV when on holiday or business abroad.

Why choose our mobile charging equipment ?

We understand how important it is to charge your EV on the go. Our NRGkick mobile EV charger provides the charging unit in the cable. The EV charging cable is intelligent and can adapt to an available current of up to 22KW for rapid charging. With an integrated energy meter to measure and manage the current. Safe charging is ensured at all times wherever your car is charging.

NRGkick mobile chargepoint plugged into Renault Zoe

Keeping you in control

The NRG kick Smartphone app allows you to keep an eye on your electric vehicle charging wherever you are.

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We know how important it is that your electric vehicle fleet is charged as fast as possible. Our smart charging stations will integrate with your companies backend systems. They have intelligent load management. This ensures the available power is distributed in line with your organisation's needs.

We provide charging stations manufactured by KEBA. They have more than 100,000 chargepoints installed. Our chargepoints cover all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. They adapt to all power requirements and meet your current and future business needs.

Why choose our workplace charging stations?

Your electric vehicles will be charged in the shortest amount of time possible. Our electric vehicle chargepoints for business have been tested with all electric vehicles. They work with all power loads. They are quick, easy to use and reliable. Our workplace chargepoints are approved by OLEV. They are eligible for a grant of between £500 - £10,000 under the UK government Workplace Charging scheme. Electric Vehicle Workplace scheme

Keba KeContact c and x series installation for business

Designed to meet the needs of your business

  • Easy for your employees to use and available in wallbox or Floor mounted options
  • Secure & lockable and can be accessed by using employees & visitors using RFID tags
  • Designed to be online and communicate with each other and your cpmpany backend systems
  • Load management across upto 15 charging stations with rule based charging
  • Available as a fully managed installation or as a supply only option
  • Provided with a 3 year warranty as standard
  • Able to be customised with you company logo

OLEV accredited suppliers and installers for home and workplace charging stations.

For Home - The OLEV grant will fund 75% of the total cost of an accredited chargepoint plus installation, upto a maximun of £500.

For Workplace - Businesses can claim from £500 upto a maximum of £10,000 for 20 chargepoints. We can help you apply for your vouchers through to installing and maintaining your chargepoints.

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