LGchem resu battery home installation

Energy Storage

Battery solutions to help reduce your energy costs


Gain more benefit from your solar panels. Solar panels transform the sun’s energy into power for our homes. About 60% of this energy is not used and sent back to the grid. Home storage batteries enable you to store any unused power for those times when the sun isn’t out. Meaning we can store and use all the energy produced by our panels and buy less from energy suppliers.

No Solar ? Benefit from cheaper electricity tariffs. By buying and storing energy during times of lower demand e.g. on economy 7 you can reduce the amount you need to buy from your energy supplier when tariff costs are higher. This will save you money on your energy bills. Your home could also benefit from the added security of a battery as a back up during power cuts.

  • Why choose our home energy storage solutions?

    At Romatech we are experts in smart energy management. We work with LGChem for home storage batteries. LGChem batteries come in many power outputs and sizes. They are compact and designed for long duration energy storage. They can provide high power output at peak times such as early evening.

    LGChem batteries work with our home energy management systems. As well as smart EV chargepoints and solar solutions. If bought with a solar solution there is a VAT saving of 15%.

    LGchem resu battery home installation
  • Installing our home energy storage systems

    Interested in having a battery storage system installed in your home? You can use your excess solar or benefit from cheaper tariffs? We can advise on the appropriate solar power battery for your home. Based upon your energy usage and if you have solar your available solar power. Our installers are trained in battery installation and are LGChem accredited professionals.

    LG Chem RESU home battery storage installed in a garage


As energy prices continue to rise, more and more businesses are choosing to increase their energy independence. Energy storage batteries are now dropping in price due to mass production. Many businesses are considering battery storage either with or without solar power. If bought with a solar solution your business could save 15% in VAT.

Adding battery storage cuts energy costs and minimises your reliance on the grid. You can draw electricity at off-peak prices (as low as 6p per unit) and store it in your batteries. Then use it later during peak tariffs. This could mean big cost savings as you need to import less electricity at standard tariff rates.

  • Why choose our workplace energy storage solutions?

    At Romatech we can help to provide a complete picture of your business energy usage. Allowing you to understand your energy use profile. This includes your office and EV fleet needs. This analysis can be used to reduce your combined energy costs.

    We work with LGChem for energy storage batteries. Our solar battery solutions & racks have a flexible system design to meet your business needs.

    LGChem batteries also work with workplace energy management systems and smart EV chargepoints.

    LG Chem RESU battery in workplace
  • Installing workplace energy storage systems

    Interested in exploring how a battery storage system could benefit your workplace. To either use your excess solar or enjoy cheaper tariffs? We can advise on the appropriate battery solution for your workplace. This will be based upon your energy profile. If you have or are considering solar your available or required solar power will be factored in. Our installers are all LGChem accredited professionals.

    LGChem RESU battery being installed

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